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Sutter, Account Executive, White Roc

80 people found this review useful

“ Advantages : très bonne ambiance orientée résultats ”


Review 02/05/2016

Skills gained : business development...

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TAZI-HEMIDA, Directeur Adjoint Agence, Eqdom

57 people found this review useful

“ Review: A very rewarding experience ”


Review 13/12/2018

The most: good atmosphere...

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Souleymane DEME, Conseiller commercial, chargé de clientèle en banque-assurance, BSIC (Banque Sahélo Sahélienne pour l’Investissement et le Commerce)

24 people found this review useful

“ La BSIC, une banque qui forge ses employés ”


Review 13/12/2018

The most: excellent working atmosphere...

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Coilliot, Assistant Accountant, Cabinet NADINE SAIGNOL

55 people found this review useful

“ Good experience ”


Review 10/12/2018

Les plus : Positifs...

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